Kelly Oriard & Callie Christensen

Co-founders of Slumberkins, empowering parents and caregivers to teach little ones social-emotional life skills.

Self-proclaimed accidental entrepreneurs, co-founders Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen have been best friends for over 20 years. While on maternity leave together in 2016, they saw a need for intentional children’s products.

Slumberkins is on a mission to empower parents and caregivers to teach little ones social-emotional life skills. Kelly has a dual Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and School Counseling and Callie has a Masters in Teaching and endorsements in Elementary Education & Special Education. Both are passionate about teaching children the social-emotional skills needed to thrive in our modern world. Each Slumberkins board book uses an interactive story time approach infused with therapeutic techniques and skill-building exercises from each of their backgrounds. The snugglers and stuffies bring the book characters to life.

With six children between them, Callie and Kelly's experience as mothers has played a major role in shaping Slumberkins into what it is today. Many of the creatures were inspired by their own children, or their own experiences as little ones. Their commitment to helping children navigate challenges is at the heart of the brand, with each Slumberkin teaching concepts like self-esteem, mindfulness, and authenticity

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